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by ND71 (2005-11-09 01:07:25)
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  In reply to: your greatest campus prank?  posted by FightOnForMorrissey

North Dining Hall food poisoning the night before 1st semester exams. Cause: bad Nicarguan beef. Not enough crappers. Room sinks and dorm shower stalls in use. A mess. Some profs allow afflicted to take exams while seated on the john. Expecting trouble the next night, many more rent-a-cops stationed in the Hall. Zahm-ites parade huge sign through dining hall painted in dripping brown paint "Bigger Johns or Better Food." A 30 minute long food fight commenced in each section. Chased most of the security guys out. Food poisoining and food fight make national TV news next night.

Filled a guys room up to 2 feet in depth with newspapers and toilet paper.

After sealing the door bottom and jams, created a 1+ foot deep lake in a guys room using the fire hose through the transom.

Blowtorching "hangover dudes" and dweeby freshmen though razor slots in the medicine cabinets between adjoining rooms.

Before phones in rooms, black shoe polishing a dorm floor's phone receriver and calling out drunks for a phone call & a colorful facial at 4AM; shoe polishing the john seats on these evenings; covering up the crappers with Saran wrap.

Relocating an entire room's furniture including lamps & record player (supplying both with power for effect) to the middle of north quad.

Serenading the north quad for many weeks during fall semester in 1967 by playing 24/7 the "Good, Bad & the Ugly" on a 45 rpm record player through an open dorm room window. Damn, it got cold some nights. Area around this window became caked with dirt clods from folks foolishly trying to stop the madness.


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