here are a couple
by NDrew (2005-11-09 01:07:25)
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  In reply to: your greatest campus prank?  posted by FightOnForMorrissey

1) Hung effigy of Faust out window of Zahm after Air Force loss. Sports Editor, Mike Sullivan ripped me in the Observer. Hung Mike in effigy the next day.

2) Stole giant construction vehicle tire from Eck construction site. The sucker was 7' tall. Placed it in our RA's room.

3) Tied a cow to our rector's door.

4) Buddy of mine stole the "P", one "z" and the "H" from the Pizza Hut in S.B.

5) made a dummy of our rector, placed it on a wooden raft, launched it from the beach as it was burning. Made sure our rector was walking by the lake when it happened. Doesn't sound that funny, but it was.

6) Lured Darby into our dorm. made Griffin sing fight song out on the quad before we would release him/her. made him sing it twice because he wasn't loud enough the first time. We decided against sending him her ear.

I am sure Cash will bitch at me for relating this, but my cousin went to a small Catholic school in PA. His rector had a dog trained to jump through hoops. After getting fined excessively by the rector and while very drunk, they put the dog's hoop in front of a 5 story window.


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