I did a lot of work in the South Bx and Washington Heights
by jesuitirish (2007-03-30 13:15:15)
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  In reply to: cmillar & mkovac  posted by IrishApache

But I not a police officer. I have great respect for police, and especially the NYPD after September 2001.

But Ive got to admit, Im a little unsettled by your post. You seem a little gleeful in disabusing the NYU kids of their idealism, or specifically the desires of one of them to work to tell the stories of the poor. I don't understand that.

People throwing rocks or bottles at cop cars is reprehensible, no doubt about it. Likely culprits? Black or hispanic teenage boys (depending on the precinct, I guess). Do you think these kids are just more prone to sin or misbehavior than rich NYU kids? Or do you think they have grown up more hopeless? More desperate?

If it is the latter, than I would venture to say that "pleasant and bright" but sheltered kids should be encouraged to pursue careers that puts them in close contact with their desperate counterparts -- be it documentary film making or police work.

People say that being a cop is really hard, that cops are prone to burn-out and cynicism. I believe it. I hope youre not too burned out or cynical, Apache. The Bronx needs good men.


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