I noticed you said "characteristics" instead of "stereotypes"
by NDL89 (2007-03-10 13:12:03)
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  In reply to: Is it time to drop the "Irish" nickname?  posted by ndoldtown

I think it's people like you that give the Irish a bad name, fella.

In regard to your suggested replacement "Crusaders", it's obvious that you have no historical knowledge of the atrocities carried out by this group of Catholic thugs in the name of religion. Crusaders were men who fought even more than the Irish. Furthermore, in case you haven't already read the writing on the wall, ND has hired a muslim - an actual freaking muslim to teach theology along with the esteemed Richard McBrien. How do you think he would feel? How do you think Ryan Harris would feel? Not only that, how long do you think the Dome would last once the muslims are in the majority? I guarantee you that it won't be long before one of those puddle jumpers from O'Hare comes crashing down into our beloved dome if ND changed its name to Crusaders.

Next time, think twice before you post - or, in the immortal words of so many on this board - read more, post less.


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