greatest south dining hall prank ever....
by ndgolf01 (2005-11-09 01:07:25)
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  In reply to: your greatest campus prank?  posted by FightOnForMorrissey

As any of you recent grads know....and I'm sure it was like this years ago as well.....the south dining hall has little labels above each food on the glass identifying what type of food you're about to eat. This was a good thing considering half the food there was complete crap. Well, my junior year (which was in 99-00), a group of us Juniors got together a group of freshmen and headed off to the dining hall to gather up some of these food labels. As any of you know, the security in the south dining hall is strangely tight and you cannot get away with much without being called in on the manager's walkie-talkies. In any case, somehow we were successful in grabbing numerous labels and so we brought them back to the dorm for some "tweaking." Within 10 minutes we had the font and size of the labels figured out and we began creating our own names for some of the foods there. Now, I'm sorry if any of these names offend you, but the looks on people's faces when they saw them were hilarious. We made a bunch of names and headed off back ot the dining hall the next night. As we all went through line, we were assigned a few labels and slipped them over the real ones. Somehow we pulled it off without getting noticed. Here are some of the names of the "new" dining hall food.....

"Diced Baby" = the every day chinese dish
"Menstrual Soup" = tomato soup
"Breast Milk" = actual milk
"Cream Cum Fettucini" = fettucini
"poop" = A1 sauce
and my favorite.....
"Badin Fat Girl Special" = Yo-cream yogurt

We had many more labels but you ge the idea. After we had strategically located all the labels, we had to see if we could get a glimpse of people's reactions as they wandered through the lines. It was either one of utter shock and disgust or one of pure laughter. The girls didn't really appreciate the "Badin Fat Girl Special" but it was funny to all the guys. Well, some of the labels ended up lasting all of about 3 minutes before they were taken down and some were left on for a good half hour. You should have seen the dining hall managers freak out. Great stuff. The best part was getting to see everyone do double takes on the labels.


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