When you play 8 OOC hoome games and only 2 on the road
by wearendhockey (2017-06-21 21:19:34)
Edited on 2017-06-21 21:20:39
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  In reply to: That's the worst schedule in major college hockey  posted by DakotaDomer

you're actually lucky to get half the series against decent teams. I just wish we would limit games against Atlantic Hockey or the bottom 80% of the WCHA to one home series a year. But as long as name brand programs insist on playing 20 home dates a year (at least) you gotta play teams that will come here and not expect a return trip. No way you're generally going to get teams in the ECAC, Hockey East or NCHC to agree to that.

I do know one thing, all of the football loving, big-name only recognizing local fans don't have any excuse now to stay away, at least from conference games. We've gone from a conference where they recognized 1 team (maybe 2 if you count UConn, but as a hockey school THEY don't count) to one where every night we're playing a big time, name brand school.


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