I think some part of Pearson' success at MTU
by wearendhockey (2017-04-24 12:09:13)
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  In reply to: It's a good hire, albeit a safe one.  posted by SavageDragon

was because of the changes in the conference lineup. My guess is if the seismic shifting we saw after PSU and the NCHC had NOT happened, MTU would not have made two NCAA appearances in the last 3 seasons, regardless of who the coach was.

It's likely Pearson was a large part of UMs success, especially the last few seasons he was there, but now we'll see just how much. My guess is they'll be a lot better with him there because UM people say Red checked out a couple of years ago and was mostly a figurehead. UM dodged a huge bullet by getting Berenson out when they did. I was hoping he'd stay there another 2 or 3 years and bury that program to the point they were in most of the 70s and 80s.


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