doubt I'll attend one again...
by DavidAddison (2017-04-21 11:44:30)

In reply to: Frozen Four to Detroit in 2020. *  posted by other_guy

I live in the Chicago area so made sure to go this time given ND made it.

I get why they do it, but tix are sold as a 3-game package and are pretty expensive ($280 in my case). More of my family wanted to go but I wouldn't buy 3-game tickets for what might've been (and ended up being) 1 ND game. To make matters worse, the tickets were hardcopy only, making them very difficult to resell (which I found rich, given the scoreboard promoted an NCAA-owned ticket resale site).

So, a) several family members didn't get to attend the ND semi-final, even though they wanted to, b) when ND lost it was tough for a suburbanite to resell his ticket to the final, and c) if ND had made the final it would've been tough to buy tix for the rest of the family given they were not e-tickets.

All that said I was surprised how many college hockey fans go even though their team didn't make it. North Dakota seemed to have nearly an entire section.