Agreed on Bazin
by wearendhockey (2017-04-11 10:16:53)

In reply to: Why's that?  posted by SavageDragon

I guess you can never say never about most things, but I see little upside to him choosing UM over UML.

Michigan fans are notorious about thinking their school is so attractive because "its MICHIGAN!" While this might be true for football, hockey coaches know the big name schools might not offer a whole lot more than the schools like UML, or Denver.

Bazin made $325,000 last year in base salary alone, which is nearly 100,000 MORE than Berenson made in 2014. The school gives him pretty much whatever he wants as far as facilities and free rein. He succeeds with older, non-drafted players who fit into his scheme perfectly. I believe some coaches prefer and are better suited to coaching these kinds of players, and Michigan expects a team stocked with blue chip talent, drafted in the first 2 or 3 rounds by NHL teams.

Like I said, maybe it happens, but I highly doubt it.