Jackson making a big deal of the bright lights issue
by mikeybates (2017-04-07 13:18:28)

In reply to: Great season, tough ending  posted by wearendhockey

didn't cause or exacerbate the problem, though, did it? He was identifying a problem, and he certainly seemed right to worry about it.

When it looked like we were going to get buried by Minnesota, I was ready to say how the program is stagnating, hasn't win a tournament game in several years, etc., etc. Obviously I won't say that now, nor can I complain about "big game performances" too much, because we've had good big games under Jackson, too. Even Jerry York has been blown out in the tournament a couple of times.

The key for the program now is consistency. It's about making the tournament every year. I have to think that if we do that, we'll eventually get it done.