Hockey's a tough sport to call
by wearendhockey (2017-04-07 02:50:21)

In reply to: I take back every ill word I've said about Darin Pritchett *  posted by Boston Domer

And he took the gig in a rough way. He's gotten better over the years and I think now he's pretty good to listen to. He's been promoting the program for a long time and it seems like he was the first member of the media around here to really do so, long before he was calling the games. He's also better than the dolts ESPN has calling the action. I was out of the seating area for a bit during the first game and listened to some of ESPNs call. Awful. Simply awful. I don't care that Bucigross loves the game. I love the game and know the college game as well as either of the ESPN talking heads but you don't want me calling the action on national TV.