I think the approach this year was clearly different
by Hunt (2017-03-20 15:46:54)
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  In reply to: I don't think you'll ever get that  posted by DakotaDomer

I somewhat disagree with your last statement. Yes, I do think that each year they are going off trying to pick brackets that are best for the sport, fair, right, etc...and I know that every year creates a new, unique set of circumstances that can't be totally compared to years past.

However, just looking at the brackets the past few years compared to this year (along with his explanations), it seems pretty clear that they could not have used the same logic. Atmosphere mattered more in the past few brackets than it did in making up this year's brackets.

And I'm OK with that. Maybe the logic is "Hey, for the past few years we tried moving teams around to get bigger crowds. We still ended up quite a few venues that were empty, so we decided it isn't worth it and to stick with bracket integrity as the priority."

I totally would understand that logic. I just wish they would tell us. The more open the process is, the better.


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