Peaking at the right time.
by OITLinebacker (2017-03-13 08:06:01)
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I said back in October/November that this young team had a lot of potential and that they were capable of beating anybody and capable of losing to anybody (UMass, really?). I thought that some of the lines looked choppy and that the young D players had a lot of skills, but still had some room to learn to play within themselves and the system. Passing/bad turnovers were probably the #1 cause for frustration for everyone.

Fast forward to this past weekend against a solid Providence team. ND has improved leaps and bound over the course of the season and it certainly shined through. Passing was crisper, the D players more confident, Cal (aside from one big gaffe) was dialed in, and the line chemistry was nearly combustible on every line. In short, ND played like the better team for a majority of the weekend and indeed out scored the Friars 10-2.

A lot has been said about ND hockey going into a swoon in the mid to late season. It seems to have been a staple since ND moved to CFIA. This season is different. This season the hockey team has improved virtually every weekend. This season ND heads into the final weekend in it final season in the Hockey East with momentum, with swagger, and a look like it wants to take the whole damn thing.

And now more has been written on this site than the SBT (glad I dropped that sub a year+ ago). Here is to winning out and bringing back some very nice hardware and banners to the CFIA.


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