This is not pedantic
by Carroll02 (2014-12-05 15:32:54)
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  In reply to: No, I simply glossed over a semantic, pedantic point  posted by ShermanOaksND

Funny you would gloss over that but then latch on to my use of "pride" to override the rest of my post. You have jumped to a conclusion over who I am and what I think, and now you feel committed to it.

A weakness is something you can fix. A weakness is a poor running game or a dumb coach or incompetent special teams.

A disadvantage is something built in to who you are. If we didn't care about tradition or identity, if the goal is strictly to win a championship, then one of the first changes on the table would be to schedule FCS teams.

If you think I want to play those teams, you don't know me. My post didn't "clearly indicate" that I thought we should schedule those teams. I said "it would be nice," but it would also be nice to write a check and get the top recruit to play for you. That's not the same as thinking we should do it.


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