Talking about his half undefeated season as any sort of
by wearendhockey (2014-12-05 14:40:03)
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  In reply to: A point worth considering... Kelly & the last six years  posted by elgreco89

positive is a bit bizarre and quite the stretch for anyone who wants to defend Kelly.

If his half an undefeated season is a nod to the good, is any coach who goes 6-0 10 times in a row not a bad coach, even if all those seasons finish 6-6 and 7-5? You can't judge a coach on a partial game or partial season or anything partial. Judge them by the body of work.

Kelly as a Notre Dame coach is a guy who wins around 60% of the time, can't win a major bowl (let a lone a title) and loses to teams he has no business losing to in nearly every season he coaches. That's how his performance as Notre Dame coach needs to be judged. Not some record in half a season's worth of games.


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