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1) you're a person at ND. Not a piece of meat. They give a damn about you. At most schools, IMHO, they only care about your performance on the field. At ND they care about you.

2) if you stay 4 years, you will almost certainly earn a meaningful, marketable degree. A life changing accomplishment for most if not all. If you don't earn "said" degree, you have no one to blame but yourself

3) You will have an opportunity to play big time college football at the highest level. Huge games like FSU this season. When ND plays, the world stops…to watch you play. Art Best died recently immediately people reminisced about him, WHY? B/C he played at ND. If he played any where else few care. If Rudy dreamed about going to Iowa, they don't' make a movie about it. Heck, they don't even make a drink coaster about it. Bottom line, ND people give a $hit. Both good and bad.

4) The average person you encounter at the ND/SMC/HC community is a high caliber person. That's not to say they are Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, now, they may very well have the next big idea percolating inside them. But at Fr. Ted once said, "any school can teach you how to earn a living, we teach you how to live a life." The people who are attracted to such a mission statement are wonderful people to spend 4 of the most formative years of your life around

5) the spirit of the place once it's in you it never leaves. There's a reason ND bookend the UCLA 88 game winning streak. The same reason that ND picked up the 4th and 18 against FSU. When the spirit of ND is in you, you can do things that others only dream of. I truly believe that at Grotto, many don't pray to God to do things for them, rather that God give them the strength to do what God already put in their heart.


1) With a little luck and some tenderness w/r/g to the off seasons, admissions and academics.

2) When stuff blows up, it's national news. (Teo, frozen 5, etc.) I appreciate Jack S as an adult in the room. Some of the others, just my guess, that they wet themselves when stuff hits the fan. Get out there, tell your side as best you can, and make sure that ND, per usual is doing their best by the athlete, the school, and those who love the school.

3) MORE people who work at ND need to BE ND and make no apologies for it. The Monque speech after TW rightful, justifiable ouster still stings. (IE don't apologize for athletic success, EMBRACE IT~!)

4) Conference refs SUCK ASS. SUCK ASS. A huge push should be made for just NCAA refs.

5) Some kids and/or their decision makers don't want an education, they want a 3-4 year party on the way to the league. ND doesn't want these guys, but often has to compete against them.

6) the current landscape of college athletics in MBB and Football is moving more Triple A baseball like. College sports shouldn't be an audition for the Pros, it should be a great shot at getting an excellent education and improving your station in life.

Just my 2 cents.


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