by Holtz (2014-12-05 14:03:15)
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  In reply to: What are ND's 5 biggest limitations & 5 biggest advantages? *  posted by Bruno95

My dad told me that "you don't go to Notre Dame to be cool." This isn't saying that it's not a great place, but to a high school kid, Notre Dame isn't the cool, popular, partying place to be.

We all know the answers to your question:

1. We haven't won anything of significance since any recruit was born.
2. It's cold and geographically in the armpit of America.
3. Standards are really high for things other than football.
4. The girls are pasty white and nerdy.
5. There's some mean message board guy named ACross.

1. Resources - able to spend money on coaches and facilities if desired.
2. On national TV and traveling around the country every weekend.
3. You'll graduate and have a life after football.
4. Name recognition/ great network for NFL/other careers.
5. Still regarded as a top tier program in the media, so you can make a name for yourself.


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