Our biggest advantage is our name and tradition
by ShermanOaksND (2014-12-05 13:59:05)

In reply to: What are ND's 5 biggest limitations & 5 biggest advantages? *  posted by Bruno95

which go hand-in-hand. Also in the top 5 are quality of education combined with an institutional commitment to make sure each player graduates, great football facilities, strong alumni network, and quality of the student body (although the make-up is quite different from years past).

Our biggest weakness, far and away, is the lack of a deep institutional commitment to striving for national championships. It's disappointing and perhaps telling that none of the posts I saw before writing this one even mentioned that. It's the pink elephant in the living room.

Other weaknesses, all of which could be overcome if the top one were corrected, include ResLife, academic standards which limit the available talent pool (although not overly so), geography (which includes lousy, dreary weather and lack of proximity to the biggest recruiting hotbeds), and recent lack of success (which flows from lack of institutional commitment, but is a separate drawback which cuts against our greatest strength).