I'll try
by ThreeD (2014-12-05 13:44:07)
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  In reply to: What are ND's 5 biggest limitations & 5 biggest advantages? *  posted by Bruno95

Neither list in any particular order.

Exposure (national TV every game)
Competition (i.e., quality of opponents)
Life Support (i.e., quality academics and maybe the best academic support - signing on with ND means you'll have all the support you need and tons of resources at your disposal to make yourself into an adult with solid career choices if NFL does or doesn't occur)

Homogeneity of student body
expectation of academic achievement
some weird alumni & fans
Res Life
general area (location, qualities of the town, relation between ND and SB)

Note: I've listed Coaching in both categories; I'm not sure it belongs in either, depending on the intent of your question. But, if it is relevant to your question, then I'd include it in both categories.


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