That's a huge stretch
by NDde (2014-12-05 12:49:19)
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  In reply to: A point worth considering... Kelly & the last six years  posted by elgreco89

to consider this year as "half" of an undefeated season. Had we somehow won at FSU, the 2nd half collapse would have been even more embarrassing than it was. None of the teams we beat during the first half of the season is a good team - not a single one. I suppose one could argue that Stanford is decent, but that's it.

I understand that you are trying to look at things as positively as you can. That's human nature. I tried to do this up until the Northwestern game, but couldn't keep fooling myself after that debacle.

If Kelly were truly a good coach, we wouldn't be losing 4-5 (or 6) games a year. We just wouldn't. Also, his one undefeated regular season at ND ended in an ugly beatdown at the hands of Alabama.

Honestly, I would be much more impressed with Kelly if he had 3 10-win seasons (including a win in a BCS bowl game) and no undefeated season at ND. I also think Kelly's undefeated season at Cincinnati can be attributed to playing a bunch of average teams and winning shootouts. It should be noted that that season ended in a lopsided loss to Florida.

FWIW, here's my assessment of Kelly's 5 seasons at ND:

2010: Disappointing (multiple bad losses)
2011: Disappointing (multiple bad losses)
2012: Very good
2013: Disappointing (multiple bad losses)
2014: Disappointing (multiple bad losses)

The current team (at this stage of the season) is the weakest ND has been since Kelly has been here. That is pretty telling in my opinion. A good coach would have the program on more solid footing right now. I would cut him a little slack due to the injuries, but that is no excuse for the wheels to fall off like they have.


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