End of day 10/17/'15 with 3-4 losses revisit your opinion.
by baydog (2014-12-05 12:39:33)
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  In reply to: A point worth considering... Kelly & the last six years  posted by elgreco89

After 5 years there are virtually no signature wins.
There are signature losses.
We are terrific at recruiting the three stars.
Five stars don't have much interest in committing.
His character was revealed when he left Cincy "early" in your cited "undefeated" year. He let the team down and the players knew it and felt it.
It was reinforced when he flirted with the NFL leading up to the "'bama" humiliation on national tv-----Unlike "'bama" ND was woefully unprepared.
"That which must be done inevitably---must be done immediately."
Only question remaining is will Swarbrick resolve this problem before he too ends up leaving.
I am old and at 65 have seen the last two decades truly test my desire to watch any more of the decline and with the oldest having just graduated "ND football in the rear-view mirror" may be the best sight these tired old eyes can hope for....
But there was a time when a coach like Bill Cowher would jump at a chance to coach ND. These days ND wouldn't even consider making a serious run at someone that eminently qualified.
Kelly ranked #19 recently on CFB "bargains" per salary----ND is right where they are happy to be.


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