A point worth considering... Kelly & the last six years
by elgreco89 (2014-12-05 12:17:35)
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Just something to consider... and this doesn't in any way lessen the awfulness of the past month. With that being said, the last six years as a head coach Kelly has had two undefeated regular seasons. Furthermore, ND was undefeated at the half way mark this year. If not for the flag at FSU, they would have been undefeated at the 2/3's mark.

Therefore over the last six years the guy has been undefeated for 2.5 of 'em. You have to admit, that's impressive. Only guys like Saban, Urban Meyer, or Chip Kelly have put up similar numbers. Granted the first year in this sample set was not at ND (which means it doesn't matter to many here) And the rest of Kelly's time here has been pretty average. But I mention it because I still think the guy is a pretty decent coach. He might not be "elite" but he's the next rung down.

And again, the last month has crushing... I don't deny that. But maybe people are overreacting a bit? Again, not claiming he's elite. And yes, he hasn't won a national championship. I get that. But I'm not willing to say he's John Cooper or Bo Pelini yet... Just my two cents. Go Irish!


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