What is this "experience" of which you speak
by Cuchulain (2014-12-05 12:10:53)
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  In reply to: In my experience in TX, there's a contingent of HS coaches  posted by ThreeD

I live in Texas and know a few high school coaches. None "love having their ego stroked" any more than the average person. Most coaches are pretty assertive people, and I am aware of coaches who have a reputation as jerks, but that's not the general perception regarding most of them.

some personal, some professional
by ThreeD  (2014-12-05 13:21:57)     Delete  |  Edit  |  Return to Board  |  Ignore Poster   |   Highlight Poster  |   Reply to Post

I lived outside Houston for almost a decade. I did some coaching (but not HS) while there and have some friends that still coach.

I wrote, "a contingent". I didn't claim all feel/act that way. Nowhere did I imply any of them were jerks; most are really good guys and most folks in Texas are genuine.

There are definitely schools and coaches that feel their program is a pipeline to UT and integral to UT's success.

The thread was about how Strong hasn't been received particularly well. I've been gone a few years and I haven't asked anyone I know explicitly how they feel about Charlie Strong.

My point was to counter the notion that race was driving it. More just that the "special connection" among certain HS programs and UT may have changed with a new coach.

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