If you are hell-bent on your tangent...
by NDMike2001 (2014-12-05 11:51:34)
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  In reply to: The end product will be what it will be under Kelly.  posted by Jurassic

Then fine, let's talk about Kelly.

For the most part I agree with your post. I think we know who Kelly is, and we know that he won't change. With one caveat. Kelly is an arrogant and stubborn dictator. But beyond that he is an ambitious politician that doesn't particularly care what's best for Notre Dame. He does care what's best about Brian Kelly. Therefore, he may ultimately come to the realization that it will be in his best interests to hire a qualified OC so that he can get the Kelly train back on track for the NFL. Thus, I hold out hope that Kelly will make the rational decision, because it's ultimately in his best interests. With a good season next year I'm sure he'd love to see himself replace Tom Coughlin or Jay Gruden...or maybe Jim Caldwell or Rex Ryan.

So there you have it. A discussion about Kelly.

As to the benefits of Alford and his replacement. Well, just look at the situation in 2009. Weis was a lame duck when he hired Alford. I'm glad that he did. It was one of his best hires, and I think Notre Dame has been better for having Tony Alford part of the program.

I agree. However, Alford aside, as he will be a loss for the
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program, no one else on Kelly's staff would be retained in the event of a coaching change. Why? Not because in a coaching change is the staff completely turned over. Because Kelly has a mediocre staff. His coaching tree will branch out like Ty's. And nothing gives me hope that Kelly will go out of his comfort zone to hire an excellent and bonafide OC, should Alford leave.

More reason why this post is relevant.
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Kelly hand-wringing aside, Alford (or his replacement) could very well be the coach that ND retains to hold down the fort until Kelly's replacement is retained. After all, that is exactly what Alford did when Kelly was hired.

Swarbrick is serving as a reference for Alford. Good for him. I want nothing but the best for that man who has represented himself and ND with class every year he has coached here. At the same time, this is as important a hire for Swarbrick as it is Kelly. Is he the kind of AD that gives Kelly the leeway to hire as he desires, or does he interject himself in the process? Does he demand that Kelly hire a well qualified recruiting coordinator or have him focus on an OC?

To your point, I think that Bobby Elliott would be the kind of coach that could be retained during a coaching turnover and mesh well with a new staff. That's just speculation though. Maybe Kerry Cooks.

To the original point, I think that we can have a pretty decent discussion about Alford's replacement and consider any number of facts that are relevant that have nothing to do with anyone's desire or belief about Kelly the long-term solution for ND.

I think most is hyperbole. I also think burnout contributes
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to the negative Nancy's. This shit is getting old. Kelly's shit it's getting old. I'm all in for whatever it takes to get him out of town.

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