How does your snark contribute to the discussion?
by tusk (2014-12-05 11:46:23)
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  In reply to: I'm not downplaying Alford's importance to recruiting in  posted by ryND

I'm as down on Kelly as anyone (just ask my wife and my brother, who bear the brunt of my rants), but some of the folks on this board have gone off the deep end. Must every discussion about concerns over assistant coaches, etc. be labeled as excuse making by "Kelly lovers?" Can't we have a reasonable discussion on this board without some posters bringing out the knives to thrust into those they deem insufficiently alarmed by Kelly's lack of success and the dimming prospects that will change?

I'm all for critiquing Kelly. I'd be happy to see him gone today. But critique (especially when that critique is stated as snark or tired sarcasm) has its proper and place, and a response to a poster's reasonable question about how ND will replace one of its most important assistant coaches if he leaves is not that place.


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