by Hanratty5ND (2014-12-05 11:38:58)
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  In reply to: Tankless  posted by RJD

You're in it too. That's fine. Kelly needs a little love right now.

--I did reply to his post as well as other other posts. You have to be able to read.
If you can tell me how to post,I can tell you how to read.

-- Kelly has lost 4+ games in 4/5 years at ND. Not sure why you or anyone would be shocked if they repeated that in 2015. I think you put too much into the schedule/returners rather than the coaching...or lack thereof.

-- What Kelly did at Cincy is of no consequence to ND. That 12-0 or whatever he had in the Big East has no meaning at all to what he has done at ND. So yes--it doesn't count. Kelly has one anomaly on his ND record. Not likely to be repeated anytime soon.


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