by RJD (2014-12-05 11:10:13)
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  In reply to: You're in the tank for Kelly  posted by Hanratty5ND

First, reply to his post. My guess is that many of us would be surprised if ND lost 4 next year with the defense maturing and a few key players returning from suspensions.

The schedule also looks a little weaker. You don't have to be in the tank for Kelly based on the returning roster. I certainly wasn't happy with Kelly's game plan against USC but he is set up to make a last stand a little better than Custer or F Troop.

Second, Kelly has had two undefeated FBS regular seasons within the past 6-7 years. How many other current head coaches have two anomalies on their record?

Oh, that's right. The Big East doesn't count.


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