In my experience in TX, there's a contingent of HS coaches
by ThreeD (2014-12-05 10:54:00)
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  In reply to: I would normally jump all over a comment like his.  posted by AZDomer

who consider themselves the most important person in their town or if not, damn near it. These guys love to have their egos stroked and it is definitely a good ol' boy club. With their own coaching trees and so forth.

From what I've been told, part of Mack Brown's "Lock down TX" strategy was to fan that flame around their egos. He or his staff really played up to those guys. Overtly, not just around the fringes and certainly enough where the HS coaches bought into the I'm a special contributor to UT football. UT football is what it is because of MY program feeding it all my stars.

Now, as far as race plays into the perception of Strong depends on the specific community and the HS coach and whether that coach feels the good ol' boy club was disrupted or maintained. If that was threatened, I could definitely imagine some of the comments that might surface about the coach and I can certainly imagine some race comments thrown in there; but it can also be every bit as much for his lack of "understanding how things work in these parts".



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