You're in the tank for Kelly
by Hanratty5ND (2014-12-05 10:34:29)
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  In reply to: Of course it does.  posted by BigNDfan

Saw you posted a few threads down that you would be "shocked" if ND had 4 losses next season.

Have you been awake the last 2 months?

Kelly is a 4+ loss machine. The one time he didn't have that many it was an anomaly.

You also think 15 bowl practices would be beneficial....

Back to next season--who are the leaders on this team?

ND has none. And they won't next season either. Kelly's culture does not foster leadership and this team is going in the tank next year without any leadership. Just like this season.

It doesn't matter who replaces Alford if he leaves because Kelly will still be the head coach.


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