No, but this is a reasonable post
by buffaloirish (2014-12-05 10:29:32)
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  In reply to: So should we add this to the excuse train for next year? *  posted by ryND

The original poster initiated a discussion about possible replacements for a coach who has been at ND since the end of the Weis era, who reportedly serves as an important confidant to numerous players, and who spearheads recruiting in one of the two or three most important recruiting areas for Notre Dame (and the country).

This is a guy who persuaded Louis Nix, a highly touted defensive tackle from Jacksonville, to commit to ND (or remain committed, I cannot remember) when ND had no head coach.

This is a critical role. Regardless your feelings about Brian Kelly, you must agree that ND cannot for a minute let recruiting in Florida to fall dormant. It is too hard already for ND to recruit this fertile area, so if Alford leaves (for whatever reason, including this CSU job for which Kelly and Swarbrick and Meyer are reportedly pushing him), Kelly needs to have a good candidate who understands ND, feels strongly about its good selling points to Florida recruits, and can at least keep the school on the mind of the high schools in Florida that Alford has carefully cultivated.

Seems like a reasonable discussion to have. It really has nothing to do with an "excuse train."


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