August 2014: Adversity hits Notre Dame.
by Bruno95 (2014-12-01 08:56:51)
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More bad things are happening to Brian Kelly. More cheating? This would make six guys booted for Honor Code violations in just two seasons. My, is he snakebit. Except for his one perfect regular season, when they got by without any good bounces and relied instead on over-achievement, a new uncontrollable reason emerges each year for why he isn't winning at Notre Dame.

But do not fear. The suspensions can't be the end of the world. Kendall Moore would be nice to have at the end of expected blowouts like Purdue/Navy/Northwestern, but no more. Eilar Hardy is good depth. The bigger issue is inside linebacker. I'm not sure why ND took a couple years off from signing ILBs, but hopefully Nyles Morgan is coached up in time to take over for Joe Schmidt. Sure, more attrition will follow, and the defense is going to be suspect. But all the pieces are in place to put up 2009 Cincinnati numbers. The offensive machine is fully assembled, folks.

Further, look at this schedule. Turns out it's not so hot, after all.

Louisville will be up against it with that redshirt Freshman, Will Gardner. God forbid he can't play -- his backup is some true Freshman. Bonnafon, I think?

Northwestern will be a disaster. You can't finish 77th, 88th, 61st, 53rd, and 68th in recruiting rankings the past five years and contend with teams like Notre Dame. They may have to play a true Freshman RB.

ASU will only go as far as Taylor Kelly can take them. Personally, I think that kid sucks. Prediction: Graham will yank him for Mike Bercovici before the Arizona game's over.

USC isn't tackling in practice! Those clowns won't have 60 scholarship players on the sideline by Thanksgiving weekend. Our offense will be clicking by then, and their OL will be stocked with Freshmen. Can't wait to bury Sark before he gets started.

I do worry about Florida State. You never know when some cracker ref from the ACC will decide to screw us out of a game. And if the defense is banged up enough, that SC game could go either way. Should be a real shootout. At the least, we'll get through, beat the creampuffs, and feel good heading into 2015.

Go Irish!


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