Well said. ND's BOT has gone completely corporate PC
by Frank Drebin (2014-12-01 08:47:36)
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  In reply to: This isn't really about Kelly anymore. Or even Swarbrick  posted by Hanratty5ND

BOT is more interested in a pleasant overall gameday experience.For the ND Admin, the weekend is a marketing opportunity of being a nice way to connect with all the wonderful things ND is doing in the classroom and socially. The mere winning of the game is a distant second priority as long as the primary goal is achieved of everyone having a good family time experience on campus which includes alot of bookstore items purchased.

A hard nose winning program is just at odds with the pseudo- sophistication atmosphere that the current Admin/BOT is trying to cultivate out there. They have the unbelievable mistaken notion that the academic world will respect ND more if the game day atmsophere resembles more of something that you would finds at the Yale Bowl. As long as they have this absurd mindset, we are not getting out of this downward spiral.


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