This isn't really about Kelly anymore. Or even Swarbrick
by Hanratty5ND (2014-12-01 08:31:25)
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It all starts at the top.

Kelly is dead coach walking. Just like Weis, Willingham and Davie before him.We've been through this the last 18 years.

Unless there is true change at the top,hiring different head coaches,or even different AD's, will not matter.

The problem is the NDADM and the BOT.

Crappy Presidents/BOT's hire crappy AD's.
Crappy AD's hire crappy/unproven Head Coaches.
Crappy Head Coaches hire crappy Assistant Coaches.
All this leads to the product on the field the last 20 years...crappy.

The bad shit flows down the chart.

When Kelly and Swarbrick are long gone it wont matter unless the there is accountability and change where it matters most.


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