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by CJC (2014-12-01 08:17:33)
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I keep pounding away at the offense, until the Board Ops tell me to stop, or until people recognize just how inept our offense is, and what it portends for the balance of Brian Kelly's tenure at Notre Dame.

Projecting the fortunes of a football coach or program is tough. Player development, injuries, suspensions and just fate are impossible to fully predict.

In trying to figure out whether a head coach can get us all the way to Point C (the ultimate objective), we want to learn the correct lessons from history, not the wrong ones.

That's why the 2014 offense is so instructive, in my opinion. Rarely will you find a "human sample" that is so clean, with so few variables for which to account.

Daniels' suspension, Carlisle's injury and the usual nicks, dings and bruises are all of which I'm aware on the injury/player availability front.

Experienced quarterback, hand-picked for preferred style of offense? Check.

Ample time to install schemes and instill your way of doing things for key players? Check.

Experienced offensive line? Check.

Numerous capable receiving targets? Check.

Talented running backs? Check.

Folks, it is what it is.

This is Brian Kelly's offense after five seasons -- at least at Notre Dame.

At this point in his tenure, if there is an argument that we can reasonably expect something materially and consistently better, it's incumbent upon those raising that argument to bear the burden of proof.


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