While I don't disagree with the broader sentiment
by BigEND (2014-12-01 07:46:42)
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  In reply to: With the college HC dominoes falling, this is probably our  posted by VaDblDmr

I'd love BK to be gone as much as anyone. But here's a five part counter argument counter argument:

(1) the dominoes fall, to a greater or lesser extent, most years. This year probably more than others, but still, there is always turnover.
(2) the competition is strong this year -- Florida, Nebraska, and likely Michigan.
(3) there aren't a whole lot of obvious upgrades waiting to move up to a better school
(4) I doubt that Swarbrick is ready this year given that four weeks ago we were talking playoff. Doesn't excuse his not being ready, but I doubt he is.
(5) perceptions wise, I think it might hurt in the short run to lose Kelly to a college program. It'd be much better (although less likely) if he left for the NFL.

Would I rejoice if Kelly left? You bet. Am I confident we'd turn the situation into a positive? Nope.


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