I get your point ......
by gadomer (2014-12-01 00:31:51)
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  In reply to: Let this sink in  posted by el guapo

your solution then is to grind out 8 minute drives so USC can respond in 2 minutes.

The only team that I have seen this year that has consistently had "8 minute drives" has been Alabama (and perhaps Wisconsin and Arkansas). Even then, I doubt Alabama has had a plethora of said drives. You have to be quite disciplined to have those type of drives. Think about it; 8 minutes, 15 plays, and 75 yards to be executed to perfection. Anything less would be a disaster.

Then again, I was talking about team discipline and their relation to turnovers. I initially used Alabama as an example of a team who did not need to win Time Of Possession to win their game.


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