Of course this site will not play any role in any
by ACross (2014-11-30 23:11:00)
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  In reply to: Are you suggesting that NDN will have any more say  posted by FourLeafDomer

decision that Swarbrick , Jenkins and/or the BOT may make. I tend to think that Swarbrick is too invested in Kelly.to push him out now, and I don't think the BOT is eager to pay out another $10 million severance.

Now, alumni may influence action. This board is just a conduit, an outlet. Ideas and opinions expressed here by alumni may move the needle of ND alumni opinion, which eventually may find some resonance with people who make these decisions.

There is a subset of alumni who have become so embittered - not with our failing program but with those alumni who have been vocal in criticism of the program and the University - that they just don't know what to think right now. This subset is flailing about, rationalizing, denying, projecting, seething - not at Kelly or the people who hired him, but at the people who have been right all along.


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