Let this sink in
by el guapo (2014-11-30 23:04:50)
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  In reply to: The difference between ND and Alabama is  posted by gadomer

You have a defense starting multiple true freshmen (largely due to your own recruiting holes), you are playing a team that BC ran over for 400 yards, you have two stud running backs, you have a second year quarterback with turnover problems, a recent shoulder injury and falling confidence, and as a multi-million dollar salaried head coach YOU DECIDE TO THROW THE BALL ALL OVER THE YARD RATHER THAN TRY TO SHORTEN THE GAME AND KEEP YOUR MASH UNIT SIEVE DEFENSE OFF OF THE FIELD.

Any comparisons with Alabama are laughable. This is not a well coached team in any facet of the game. The talent disparity is actually widening. And as Scoop80 shows below, the rushing attempts, the turnovers, and the quarterback centricity of the offenses are nowhere comparable.


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