In Year Five, it pretty much is all on Kelly ...
by CJC (2014-11-30 21:02:16)
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  In reply to: Did you watch Alabama last night?  posted by gadomer

To be honest, I'm not sure if Golson has regressed, or if he and the rest of the offense made enough big plays earlier in the season (against generally inferior defenses) to overcome not only Golson's turnovers, but also his frequently off-target throws.

I was astounded how many wide-open receivers he failed to spot yesterday. But there have been numerous other times when he badly underthrew wide-open receivers, resulting in either incompletions, interceptions or missed yardage/scoring opportunities.

In the first half against Louisville, he threw late and badly short to a wide-open Fuller on a long completion that would have been an easy touchdown. I don't recall whether we wound up with a field goal on that drive, but we definitely didn't get a touchdown.

And while Golson definitely has made some amazing plays and prolonged a number of plays with his athleticism, it seems to me that our offense is far too reliant on that.

And that was really my point with the Northwestern OT drive. This offense definitely has big-play potential, but it is far too erratic.

And if a veteran quarterback's inability to consistently spot open receivers is a significant contributing factor to such a problem, that's on the fifth-year head coach. Either coach him up or replace him.

You are what your numbers say you are, and the numbers for this offense (including points per game) are far from elite.


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