Seeing Carlisle lead block for Robinson. Thats this offense
by karmel (2014-11-30 20:51:21)
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  In reply to: It's a hard point to explain ...but I agree..  posted by BuckeyeJohn05

Its, as my Dad would say, ass-backwards.

I get Robinson can catch most anything. But...shouldn't the 6-5 220 Wr be stalk blocking for the 5-11 190lb speedster/former RB? Dont you want to get him the ball easier? They guy with natural hands doesn't need those kinds of touches. Then you see it...7 times in one game?!

But what Kelly will say is that one TD Carlisle got vs ASU on the fake...were setting that up. Really?! Doesn't take world class speed to run that route. He was alllll alone! But that's Kelly's thinking.

Folston is 5lbs heavier than McDaniel but he's the goalline back. Huh? Just looking at Folston and Bryant next to McDaniel, I'm going to wager they're both pushing a bit more weight than Cam, not that Cam's not strong but...what's the reasoning for making him the goalline back? He's dependable. Uhh, you want power down there. If a RB can't hold the ball doesn't matter how big or small he is. You put the best guy for the job down there and see if he can do it. If he CANT then you take him out. Not, well in case he fumbles we want the best hands down there. What?


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