1 - The only QB controversy is what the heck took so
by irishbarrister (2014-11-30 20:36:01)
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  In reply to: Are these the five things you learned from the USC game?  posted by Bruno95

long for Golson to be held accountable?

2 - Injuries on D do not explain either the terrible tackling or adherence to a scheme that produced the worst defense in my lifetime, if not in the history of the program.

3 - The real questions relating to Bryant are: how the hell he wasnt he given an opportunity for 5 - 10 touches/game before yesterday? & How in hell was Bryant lower on the depth chart than Cam?

4 - Mike McGlinchey is the subject of a top 5 learning from yesterday? Mike effing McGlinchey? Nothing to learn about the program when it had the worst finish after a 6-0 start in team history, or the benchmark 8th victory of 'winning programs' eluded Kelly? Mike. McGlinchey. Zero. Credibility.

5 - The only thing Kelly wants anybody to remember about this game is that many players were injured, those that weren't just graduated pre-school (leave aside neither points applied to his offense) and that he's built a winning program. Brian, how was the food in LA? 'Well, a lot of our better crouton eaters were out, so we're pretty banged up when it comes to eating salads. The younger guys are still learning and can't execute a swallow yet, but they're trying really hard. I'm just glad I've built winning digestive tracts to date. We should be walking next year'

6 - There is little value in the 'insights' or analysis of ND-related media, it is little more than Kelly damage control.

7 - Saddly, too many dipwads buy the pap dispensed in 6.


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