Kelly is playing "small ball" with big players.
by karmel (2014-11-30 20:26:47)
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  In reply to: It's the offense, stupid ...  posted by CJC

He coaches this team like he's still at UC. Small schools use schemes and sneaky plays, gimmicks, to gain an advantage that they wouldn't have otherwise if they just lined up and played nose-to-nose. BUT, you don't have small 6-3 285lb lineman. So cut blocking a DTackle to get their arms down so your QB can throw a quick slant ain't as easy for a 6-7 320lb lineman. This running game is about getting on guys fast and letting the RB find a hole. Your line is SLOW! They're huge! Guys are getting around and thru them like nothing. Its like having a Baseball line up with a bunch of big hitter and tell them to just put the ball in play and get around the bases. This dink and dunk crap is not what D-1 schools with 4-5start prospects do. Oregon has gotten where they are playing this way. They don't get big guys. They get small fast guys who can angles on you and then get around you. They're not lining up and trying to bang with Stanford or USC.

This team has some huge flaws and the line is first one. If you asked those boys to put their head down and plow, might look a lot different than asking them to back pedal, catch and reach.


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