Amusingly idiotic comment overheard between USC fans
by JTG (2014-11-30 18:22:48)
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I had the misfortune of having 8 tickets to the game yesterday, split between my wife's USC side and my ND side (we had a 5-3 majority FWIW). Obviously, it was a horrible loss of money and a pretty miserable day, but the most aggravatingly amusing comment I heard all day was between an airheaded USC fan who knew just enough about football to be dangerous, and her even more airheaded bimbo friend, who fan #1 was educating about USC tradition. After explaining to her that LA would always be a USC town, despite losing to UCLA (just like it will always be a Lakers town, despite the Clippers current relative success), she dropped this knowledge bomb on her friend:

"USC has a lot more tradition than Notre Dame, and has historically been more successful. See all those Rose Bowl wins, on the banners below the press box? Notre Dame has never won a Rose Bowl."

Her friend was amazed at this statistic, and agreed that USC was clearly the superior program.

Since we were already behind 100-0 or something by this point in the 2nd quarter, I really wasn't in the mood to correct her about ND having actually won one in 1925, but it was definitely a facepalm moment.


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