If Kelly could get over the need to outcoach his opponent
by KevinPS (2014-11-30 18:16:13)
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  In reply to: I think that is why it is difficult, most are snatched up  posted by Bagimus Maximus

and just crush those that he can with straight talent, he could turn this around. He has three basic problems:
1. His offense is too complex for our players to consistently execute. He can simplify it and really have a powerhouse. Some bread and butter running plays would really help.
2. His special teams range from mediocre to awful, depending on the year and the unit.
3. He doubled down on his high risk offense employing a high risk DC. He could help this problem by firing his DL coach and hiring one who can teach a couple of pass rushing moves.

The real root of his problem is his ego. I believe he can change. I also don't believe he will, unless Swarbrick has noticed this (dollars to donuts he has) and has a heart-to-heart with him that Kelly...takes to heart.


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