Which has nothing to do with nothing.
by cujays96 (2014-11-30 17:24:53)
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  In reply to: And much closer to the team than anyone here. *  posted by fresnodomer

You will get your wish. More Kelly.

More struggling against average to stiff competition. More baffling losses to teams like Northwestern.

More of Kelly stumbling over what to do with a fan base who actually cares about losses. At GVSU, CMU, and Cincy it is cool when you win and not that big of a deal when you lose because the "fans"(mostly alumni) really care about Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, or even Notre Dame.

More of Kelly continuing to run full speed ahead into a brick wall because he is a self-taught football coach and has no clue as to what to do when someone figures out his offense let alone how to protect an underperforming defense.

You, and other "building a program" types, will get all of this. A 3 loss season will be swell! And there will be excuses for the next 5 loss season. None will land at Kelly's feet.


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