Better Coaches at those places or not,
by THA (2014-11-30 16:55:00)
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  In reply to: 7-5, 6-6, or 5-7 next year are likely outcomes. The schedule  posted by Jurassic

Kelly ought not to lose more than 1 game against that gift of a schedule. And that one loss ought not to be against USC either. I watched several of their games this year and they were a mostly mediocre team. Yesterday they looked like behemoths. All right, then, grant BK his likeliest excuse: injuries, especially to the D. allowed SC to overachieve. OK, next year, in mid-season, BK's talent should still be superior, perhaps even far superior. to Sark's. The Irish should be able to cream them in revenge for yesterday.

Anything bad can happen in a season, and I wouldn't be surprised if even a Holtz-like genius got surprised next year in one game. More than that, and Kelly ought to be fired on the spot, at the second loss.

He should have been gone by noon today, but I suspect ND's stuck with him for next year.


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