On Golson...
by carroll2005 (2014-11-30 16:07:01)
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One thing that I cannot get over this season is the absolute misuse and abuse of Golson by our Head Coach.

By any reasonable standards, Golson has the physical skills to be an excellent college quarterback. I know he's a bit of a midget, but he wouldn't be the first or last college QB to succeed in spite of his height.

He is athletic, he has a strong arm, and by all accounts works hard and is respected by his teammates and coaches.

He also showed perseverance and a good head on his shoulders coming back after his suspension. And toughness playing through a nagging injury in his throwing shoulder.

He is not, however, Peyton Manning. He's being asked to do too much and put into a position where he is unlikely to succeed.

For all the complaints about Folston and Bryant not getting enough carries, or Redfield and Shumate sitting on the bench (all of which I agree with) -- nothing this year has made me as mad as the treatment of Golson. This year has to be one of the worst misuses of a talented college player I've seen.

Instead of an offense that capitalizes on his strengths and understands his limitations, we've watched this broken offense devolve as it turns him into a punch-drunk, self-doubting turnover machine.


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