49-7 was our largest-ever deficit against an unranked team
by ShermanOaksND (2014-11-30 15:53:01)
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  In reply to: Tommie Frazer called out Bo Pelini last season  posted by Skip Encarnacion

And the final margin of 49-14 was our second-worst loss to an unranked team, behind only the 38-0 loss at Michigan under Weis. It matches the 13th-worst loss in school history. The only NC-winning ND coach to ever lose a game that badly was Frank Leahy, whose 1951 team lost 35-0 to an MSU team that ended 9-0-0 and ranked No. 2.

It was yet another inexcusable embarrassment in an inexcusably embarrassing, nightmarish November.


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