Your false premise is thinking 7-5 is considered bad
by btd (2014-11-30 15:46:49)
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  In reply to: What have you seen that would lead you to expect otherwise?  posted by Scoop80

It isn't. Jack and the rest of the admin don't care if we ever win a title, play for one nor if we are even capable of winning a bowl game. They figure 7-5 or better is good enough to keep the money flowing.

ND changed how it gets donations 20 years ago. Alumni contributions no longer matter. They get the money they need from the top 2% to 3% of donors. Quite literally 90% of people donating money could immediately stop and it would not even remotely affect the bottom line. They would start to notice when the 4% to 10% crowd stops donating, but quite frankly those people don't care if we win or lose games IMO.


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