Score Correction, Locker Room Dissension, and Johnny Ray
by ColdwaterIrish (2014-11-30 15:08:03)
Edited on 2014-11-30 15:16:23
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  In reply to: And he got the score of the 1985 Miami game wrong.  posted by Manor76

You are correct about my error regarding the final score of the 1985 Miami game. I forgot to include the 7 points scored to make the final tally 58 - 7 in favor of Miami.

As to the locker room dissension that affected the outcome of the USC game in 1974, my primary source of information is Tom Pagna's authoritative book titled Era of Ara, at pages 271 and 272. Also, I was an acquaintance of Wells Twombley, at the San Francisco Examiner,who had his "inside" source for the information about player unrest. It was more than Art Best,alone, causing the friction.

Regarding Johnny Ray it is my mistake to have forgotten that he departed following the 1968 season to become head coach at the University of Kentucky, where he remained 4 unremarkable years until replaced by Frank Curci. Johnny next coached in the NFL for the Buffalo Bills. He was a personal friend, a good man, and he had a terrific football mentality.

George Kelly arrived in the spring of 1969 and replaced Johnny Ray as principal defensive coordinator, with his focus on the linebackers. Bob Olson was a close friend of mine and an All American middle linebacker on the 1969 team. Bob was a great and humble man. George Kelly remained connected with and employed at Notre Dame for many years in varying capacities within the athletic department until his death.

My apologize for the factual errors contained in my primary post that began this thread.


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